July 08, 2005

OregonLive Gets Something Right

Feed Us

Given how much we and others in the local blogopshere routinely beat up on the OregonLive website, we thought it fair to post a brief item announcing that they finally have added RSS feeds for all of their weblogs.

For our part, anyway, this means our own readership of all of their neighborhood blogs will now jump significantly, since we recently started (late to the game) using an RSS aggregator to track Portland-area blogs so we knew for sure when there's something we will want to read.

They do also have terms and conditions for the use of their RSS feeds, for what it's worth.

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Comments (4)

  1. carla on 08 Jul 2005

    We hitched our blogwagon over at Oregonlive a month or so ago. We haven't seen a huge uptick in traffic...but then we don't stick to "just Oregon" stuff. Much of our stuff is more on a national politics level.

  2. The One True b!X on 08 Jul 2005

    One flaw, hwoever, is that their auto-discovery tags on the weblogs themselves are not correct, which makes automatically picking up the feeds when adding blogs to an aggregator more troublesome than it ought to be.

  3. Jack Bog on 08 Jul 2005

    Which aggregator are you running?

  4. lisa on 09 Jul 2005

    I know this must seem like an ignorant question, but....when I clicked on b!X's "RSS feed" link to the O, there was nothing on that O page, except for some naked html code at the top. This often happens when I click on Bogdanski's links to the O as well --- I'm on OLive, but the page is blank, except for a babbling line of code dangling somewhere. What's up with that? Does the O really pull their content off the site? Or what?