Weblog Links On Same-Sex Marriage

what if...?: Old News By Now.

blargblog: It's About Time.

Notes on the Atrocities: Multnomah County Recognizes Gay Marriage.

Pacific Views: Oregon county to marry same-sex couples, The first one.

1221 SW 4th: Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Jack Bog's Blog: The big winners.

My Whim Is Law: YESSS! This just in..., Weddings in the rain, Multnomah County Commissioner press conference, Reactions from local bloggers to today's news.

Assclown Cockfight: Kevin Mannix can suck it.

Mac-a-ro-nies: Law: Oregon gays can marry . . . for now.

The Very Limit: Portland queers: 1, Jerks: 0.

Intellectual Orgy: Yay!!.

Long story; short pier: Let no one put asunder.

worldwide pablo: Bring it on, March 3, 2004, A potential glitch for gay marriage?.

Chuck Currie: Multnomah County Takes Strong Stand.

The Taipei Kid: Gay Marriages in Oregon.

The Menagerie: Goin' to the chapel.

code: the Web Socket: Oregonian: Gay Marriage Is "Go" In Multnomah County.

Blue Hole: Panorama of Gay Marriages, The Hawthorne District, Portland Gay Marriage Faces and Foes.

beerdrinker.org: Yeah Portland!.

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On This Day...

  1. ...In 2005:

    'Communique' Invades KBOO Community Radio, Breaking: Mazziotti Resigning From Portland Development Commission?, Civil Disobedience In Multnomah County, One Year Ago

  2. ...In 2003:

    Teachers Ratify Contract, A Matter of Indifference, Tonight: Third Lecture by Tram Finalist, Year Seven Begins

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