December 12, 2003

Mayoral And Council Campaign Tidbits

Various items to round up from the campaign trail today. Over in today's "City Matters" column, there's a short bit on Council candidate Nick Fish and a contribution and endorsement from Congressman Barney Frank, and how this or does not play into Fish's campaign against opponent Sam Adams (website not yet online).

Meanwhile, over in today's Portland Tribune, the cover story checks in with the competing Mayoral campaigns of Jim Francesconi and Tom Potter, and how they both claim to be seeking some of the spirit of Bud Clark's 1984 campaign.

Like Bud Clark in 1984, Potter sees himself as an underdog trying to win with less money, fewer endorsements and a smaller organization. He is running as a champion of the neighborhoods and a voice for the voiceless while depicting Francesconi as the representative of downtown business interests. Like Clark, he wants to fashion his issues on what he hears from voters, and, like Clark, he wants to run a grass-roots campaign that reaches voters face to face.
"There are similarities between Bud's campaign and this effort," Francesconi said, "but the similarities are between Bud Clark and me. Bud owned and operated a business (the Goose Hollow Inn) and so did I (a law firm). Tom's been a government employee. Bud and I spent time organizing in neighborhoods before seeking elected office. I did it on the east side and him on the west side. And both of us organized grass-roots campaigns."

The article also mentions a recent poll commissioned by the Potter camp which had the candidates in a tie at 14 percent support (although the article claims a figure of 18 percent) -- but that also had a clear majority of 62 percent undecided.

According to the Potter campaign, among voters familiar with both candidates, "60 percent said they had a favorable impression of Potter, while only 40 percent had a positive impression of Francesconi." I've only seen the press release on this poll, and not the poll itself, so I can't give any deeper background.

For what it's worth, today's "City Matters" mentions that Pat LaCrosse, the interim head of the Portland Business Alliance after the ouster of Kim Kimbrough, has endorsed Francesconi.

Elsewhere in today's Tribune is a profile of sorts of long-time neighborhood activist Bonny McKnight, and the question of whether or not she will attempt a City Council run against Commissioner Randy Leonard over her frustration with "his stewardship of Portland's neighborhoods" (as the article puts it).

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    See Potter's website for such information.