May 14, 2003

Mural, Mural, On the Wall

This week's Portland Mercury has an update from the continuing battles over the city's sign code:

Several weeks ago Jason Brown, the owner of New American Casuals, invited aerosol artists to paint the side of his store. The mural that resulted features a mix of graffiti-style writing and a large figure posing with a can of spray paint. The colorful mural is a component of his ongoing campaign to show off local artists' talents and, eventually, to beautify the bird poop-splattered underside of the Morrison Bridge, where Brown's store is located.
But if city hall has its way, the mural will soon be whitewashed, even though it's on private property and has not been objected to by immediate business neighbors. A stern city code modification that was enacted five years ago forbids murals that are created without having undergone an expensive and bureaucratic permitting process.

Mainly I just want to point out an error in the article, which can be found in this bit about Brown's desire to paint under the Morrison Bridge. The article represents this as "an undertaking that represents the significantly greater complication of painting on city owned property."

Unfortunately for the Mercury, the Morrison Bridge isn't city property; it's owned by Multnomah County. Better luck on the fact checking next time around.

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